Thank You Zejoop Day 1 Adopters!

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Day One of the Zejoop Growth Campaign is over, and it was a great success in terms of expectations and goals. I want to thank all the early adopters who expressed an interet in Zejoop and created an account.

As an independent operator, so to speak, I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate your response to my call to action. Breaking though the noise of our modern life is challenging, so I sincerely thanks you all!

Occupying the Zejoop Booth at Grand Prix San Jose!

Zejoop Founder says thanks to all Day One early adopters!

Having created an account I invite and encourage you to start using Zejoop to plan your casual events with your friends. The Zejoop software is now poised to evolve in response to your feedback. Perhaps there is a planning template you can envision that would support activities most relevant to you. Please let me know if that is case. Chances are such a new template would be useful to others, and something that Zejoop can readily create for your use.

Again, thank you very much! As you start to use Zejoop, please direct feedback, bug reports and feature suggestions to the address available under the ‘contact’ tab above.

Michael LaRue, Founder & CEO, Zejoop (Patent Applied For)

Visit Zejoop Now, and Start Planning!

PS… please help get the word out, and share on social media using the widgets below; every little bit helps! Thank you!