Santa Clarita Startup uses Kickstarter to Raise Funding – In the News!

Last month SCV Startup Meetup held another informative and useful event centered on the topic of using Kickstarter as a source of funding. The speaker was my friend and fellow entrepreneur,Voldi Way. He capably and, in an entertaining way, shared his experience in raising money for a new project in the works at WayForward Technologies – a local game development company where he is the founder/CEO.

The event got coverage in the Santa Clarita’s local paper, the Signal in an article written by Paula Whidden.

I was happy to offer my observations, which showed up as several quotes in the article. Although I learned a lot, and it is great to see “locals do good stuff,” limitations on the types of projects that can be funded this way most likely excludes Kickstarter funding as an option for Zejoop. The possibility deserves further investigation, but it would like be an atypical campaign.

Here are some more of my thoughts on this event:

  • it was great to hear how Voldi had applied a Kickstarter campaign to his own long established and successful company
  • I was able to ask very specific questions that might help me in my business. I got answers that I could not have gotten by just reading another article online
  • Being part of the SCV startup community is fantastic. Attending this Meetup means more than simply hearing a good presentation – it’s an opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and share ideas and lessons learned. Seeing what Voldi went through, and hearing his answers to questions from the group is just like getting a head start if I ever use Kickstarter myself
  • One important take-away was the value of a Kickstarter project trying to create relationships with other on-going projects and then cross-promoting. By mentioning and linking to other projects, both companies benefit from wider exposure and access to new audiences.
  • Interesting fact: the success of a 30 day Kickstarter campaign can be predicted based on its performance in the first four hours after it goes live
That’s all for now – it was a great event and it is always encouraging to be around like-minded people who taking control of their futures by being engaged in the process of building a business from nothing but an idea!
(PS – check out the picture in the article – it’d be hard to miss a certain sparsely-populated “dome” attached to a person proudly wearing his University of Maryland hoodie – that’d be yours truly!)