Happenings at Zejoop!

Zejoop has exciting news! One month to the day after winning SCV Startup Weekend #1, on November 7th, Zejoop will have its first venture capital meeting with Clearstone Venture Partners in Santa Monica.

Having this meeting constitutes a portion of the prize that accrued to Zejoop after winning the competition in early October. Since the event much preparation has taken place, including speed reading of a number of tech startup reference books, meeting with startup mentors, coaches and advisors, and completion of a draft of the 10 page pitch deck.

Although the deck itself is far from complete it is a necessary prerequisite to the beginning of conversation with any potential investors, be it at the angel or the VC level.

I wish I could tell you more, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Well, that was an exaggeration; by “sworn to secrecy” I actually meant that “I don’t know what to expect” – this is all new to me. That notwithstanding, I have a great team and I am forming an agenda for the meeting that will represent Zejoop and the team well, and if things work out, nothing would make me happier than to get a follow-on meeting with Clearstone. That would be a major accomplishment, and that is the goal Team Zejoop is targeting!

Check back for updates! For question or comments, contact me via: michael@zejoop.com