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Zejoop (Patent Pending) is a social planner that provides event status, real-time updates, and rewards, all for doing the things you enjoy most!”

Tired of trying to coordinate casual get-togethers with friends using e-mail, frustrated with people who don’t check their inbox? Zejoop is for you! Confounded when you only have three friends committed for your golf outing, but you need to make a foursome for the round, forcing you to e-mail, or worse, call, to cancel? Zejoop is for you! Looking for tools to make it easier to insure you have everything you need for your event? Like the idea of group-based and event-type discounts? Zejoop is for you!

Zejoop does all that, and more!

Plan your event from any desktop, laptop or mobile device – accept, decline or propose changes, all with Zejoop!

Zejoop (Patent Pending) is a Santa Clarita Valley based tech startup that emerged as the Winner of the first-ever SCV Startup Weekend. Zejoop is in pre-funding development and plans to enter the location based services market. For more information, please leave a comment below, or send e-mail to michael@zejoop.com

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  1. Thanks for leaving your comment. Have you tried Zejoop? It is different than the products you mention. Check it out, and let me know what you think… thanks!

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