Zejoop is Going to Grand Prix Sacramento!


What is that, you ask, quizzically – “Grand Prix Sacramento?”

Well it is tournament for the collectible card game, Magic: the Gathering, which is property of Wizards of the Coast, a Hasbro subsidiary. The date is approaching fast, January 17th through 19th, in Sacramento, California, of course.

Maybe you didn’t see this coming but, I happen to be an enthusiast of the game – I am also the best Magic player on the planet – just ask my Magic friends!

As it turns out the Zejoop mission, and mantra, “casual event planning,” and “fun with friends” are highly applicable to the coordination of casual Magic gaming among friends! Go figure; what a coincidence – right?

So, I am going there, and I will be promoting Zejoop for Magic, in addition to participating in the tournament itself!

Check out Zejoop for all your casual event planning needs!

I’m practically overwhelmed, immersed in preparations for the event – little things like testing the application myself, coordinating BETA test among the small cadre of tester/friends I’ve been lucky to engage in the project (thanks guys – Glenn Cuevas and Dave Gerhardt!), and finally – wait for it – I am making customs tokens to distribute at the tournament.

The topic of tokens would be hard to explain to those not familiar with the game, but think of it like this – “promotional business cards, that are useful in the game experience.” Wait, I guess that wasn’t as hard as I thought. Well, now you know.

Here is a teaser of the the printer’s proof – an excerpt; always leave them wanting more, I am told.

looking good, eh?

Just an excerpt – more to come – stand by for followup!

I have several friends to thank/acknowledge, but I will do a right and proper job with that very soon, when I get a chance. For now, however, I do want to call your attention to the blue “Elemental” in the bottom center – that is the beautiful work of my friend, and fine artist, Steve Nakamura – gorgeous work on short notice, with an impossible deadline, all to get it prepped and to the printer in time – but more on that later.

Part of the sexiness you don’t see on this proof is that design on the card-back (lower left corner) includes a QR code. So at the Grand Prix, players can scan, and be directed right to Zejoop where there is a special landing page just for this event! Like I said – sexy – that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

OK, back to work…

Zejoop “tokens” Concept Development

Steve: Here are the samples you asked for to assist you in continuity, such as it is. Note that my primary goal is to make functional, reasonably appealing tokens for use by players for the express purpose of promoting Zejoop. I am not selling the art aspect – art is a means to an end, and nothing has to be perfect, especially on this tight schedule I’ve got. NOTE that soon, perhaps as early as 8 to 12 weeks, there MAY be another opportunity to make another set of similar tokens tied to the next set in the Theros block. If I/we want to do this again, we can devote more attention to more refined artwork next time. With regard specifically to the Elemental token, I am more interested in presenting a good “horse” than I am with a “water elemental horse” – staying consistent with the specific treatment used by the original artist’s approach. A good, simple, take on a horse, would be great…. thanks Steve!


Boar -in-work (ball point pen, on white printer paper, with 5 value gray scale marker) – NOTE: final MAY be done on cream or manila paper

copyright - Michael Jay LaRue

one soldier and one golem (not sure which is which yet) – there are both a white and a red soldier token and I am not sure if I will bother to both… these are likely “final” except for cleanup – both are charcoal on newsprint

copyright Michael Jay LaRue, www. Zejoop.com

copyright Michael Jay LaRue, www. Zejoop.com

This is the Harpy (in-work) – currently black ball point on white printer paper – FINAL may be done on cream or manila paper using the 5 value marker style

copyright Michael Jay LaRue, www. Zejoop.com

copyright Michael Jay LaRue, www. Zejoop.com


– and finally, “harpy” concept development… black ball point on white printer paper.. just trying to find a style, settling on the version above, for now.

copyright Michael Jay LaRue, www. Zejoop.com

copyright Michael Jay LaRue, www. Zejoop.com